Ethyl Vinyl Ether (poly (ethyl vinyl ether) luta-50 in 50% ethanol), also known as ethoxyethane, is an organic compound characterised as a colourless, flammable liquid with a sweet, ether-like odour. It belongs to the class of ethers and is represented by the chemical formula C4H8O. Ethyl Vinyl Ether is notable for its use as a versatile reagent in organic synthesis, where it serves as a valuable intermediate. Researchers often explore its applications in various chemical reactions due to its unique structure and properties. It is produced by reacting acetylene and ethanol in the presence of an alkali/base.

Photo of Poly (Ethyl Vinyl Ether) Luta-50 in 50% Ethanol
CAS Number: 25104-37-4 & 64-17-5
UN Number: 1866
Hazard Class: 3
Packing Group: II

Physical properties of Poly (Ethyl Vinyl Ether) Luta-50 in 50% Ethanol

Physical State: No information available
Appearance: Colourless to light yellow liquid
Odor: No information available
Odor Threshold: No information available
pH: No information available
Melting Point / Range: No data available
Boiling Point / Range: No information available
Molecular Formula: No information available
Molecular Weight: No information available

What is the CAS Number of Ethyl Vinyl Ether?

The CAS number of Ethyl Vinyl Ether is 25104-37-4 & 64-17-5.

What is the UN Number of Ethyl Vinyl Ether?

The UN number of Ethyl Vinyl Ether is 1866.

What is the Hazard Class of Ethyl Vinyl Ether?

The Hazard Class of Ethyl Vinyl Ether is 3.

What is the Packing Group of Ethyl Vinyl Ether?

Ethyl Vinyl Ether is in Packaging Group II.

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Safety Information for Ethyl Vinyl Ether

All the safety information for Ethyl Vinyl Ether can be found in our MSDS (material safety data sheet.) It includes information on first aid, accidental release, fire-fighting, handling and storage, personal protection and much more. Please familiarise yourself with the hazards before handling it.

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Flammability: 4 - Ethyl Vinyl Ether is highly flammable with a low flash point, easily igniting even at ambient temperatures. Vapours, heavier than air, can travel long distances to ignition sources and cause flashbacks. Fires involving Ethyl Vinyl Ether are intense and challenging to extinguish. Firefighters should use foam, carbon dioxide, or dry chemical agents for firefighting and avoid water, which may spread the fire.

Health: 2 - Ethyl Vinyl Ether poses a moderate health hazard. Inhalation can irritate the respiratory system, leading to coughing, shortness of breath, and in severe cases, pulmonary edema. Contact with the liquid or vapour can irritate eyes and skin, causing redness, pain, and potential chemical burns. Prolonged exposure may affect the central nervous system, causing symptoms such as dizziness, headache, nausea, and unconsciousness. Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) like gloves, goggles, and respiratory protection is essential to minimise exposure.

Reactivity: 2 - Ethyl Vinyl Ether has a reactivity rating indicating ‘no water’, meaning it can react violently and explosively with moisture. Contact with water or humidity can release flammable gases or initiate polymerisation, generating heat and pressure that may lead to explosions. Store Ethyl Vinyl Ether away from moisture sources and ensure tightly sealed containers to prevent accidental exposure.

It is absolutely essential to consult the safety data sheet before handling Ethyl Vinyl Ether. This is a highly hazardous substance for human health.