Hexamethylenetetramine, also known as methenamine, Hexamine, or urotropin, is a heterocyclic organic compound with the formula (CH2)6N4. This white crystalline compound is highly soluble in water and polar organic solvents, and has an ammonia-like smell in ambient conditions. It has a cage-like structure similar to adamantane. Hexamine can have a wide range of uses, such as being used in the production of liquid or powdery preparations of phenolic resins, binders in clutches or brakes, solid fuel, food preservative and a lot more.

Photo of Hexamine (Methenamine)
CAS Number: 100-97-0
UN Number: 1328
Hazard Class: 4.1
Packing Group: III
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What is the CAS Number of Hexamine?

The CAS number of Hexamine is 100-97-0.

What is the UN Number of Hexamine?

The UN number of Hexamine is 1328.

What is the Hazard Class and packing group of Hexamine?

Hexamine is in Hazard class 4.1 and is in packing group II.

Physical properties of Hexamine (Methenamine)

Physical State: Solid
Appearance: White crystalline
Odor: None
Odor Threshold: No information available
pH: No information available
Melting Point / Range: 280°C
Boiling Point / Range: No information available
Molecular Formula: No information available
Molecular Weight: No information available
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Safety Information for Hexamine

All the safety information for Hexamine can be found in our MSDS (material safety data sheet) below. It includes information on first aid, accidental release, fire-fighting, handling and storage, personal protection and much more. Please familiarise yourself with the hazards before handling it.

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Hexamine is typically assigned the following ratings on the Hazmat scale:

Health Hazard: 2

This indicates that the chemical has the ability to cause harm to human health and moderate injury.

Fire Hazard: 3

This material is capable of igniting or detonating under room temperature conditions. It may also form explosive mixtures with water.

Reactivity: 0

This material is stable and will not react even under fire conditions. It will not react with water, polymerize, decompose, condense, or self-react.

Specific Hazard: N/A

The white section is used to indicate any special hazards associated with the substance, such as corrosivity or unusual reactivity. The substance does not typically have specific hazards indicated in this section.