Dioctyl Adipate is an organic chemical, and appears as a colourless, oily liquid with an extremely faint odour. It has the chemical formula CH2CH2CO2C8H17 and is typically used as a plasticiser. It mixes well with most organic solvents and works seamlessly with other monomeric plasticizers in PVC. However, it remains insoluble in water. DOA is an ester formed by combining adipic acid with 2-ethyl hexanol. It has low viscosity, ease of processing, and a prolonged shelf life.

Photo of Dioctyl Adipate (Bis (2-ethylhexyl) adipate)
CAS Number: 103-23-1
UN Number: None
Hazard Class: None
Packing Group: None
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What is the CAS Number of Dioctyl Adipate?

The CAS number of Cellulose Dioctyl Adipate is 103-23-1

What is the UN Number of Dioctyl Adipate?

Dioctyl Adipate does not have a UN number. It is not regulated as a dangerous chemical.

What is the Hazard Class and packing group of Dioctyl Adipate?

Dioctyl Adipate has no hazard class or packing group because it is not considered a harmful chemical.

Physical properties of Dioctyl Adipate (Bis (2-ethylhexyl) adipate)

Physical State: Liquid
Appearance: Amber (light)
Odor: Aromatic (slight)
Odor Threshold: No information available
pH: No information available
Melting Point / Range: - 67 C (-88 F)
Boiling Point / Range: 214 C (417.2 F)
Molecular Formula: No information available
Molecular Weight: No information available
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Safety information for Dioctyl Adipate

All the safety information for Dioctyl Adipate can be found in our MSDS (material safety data sheet) below. It includes information on first aid, accidental release, fire-fighting, handling and storage, personal protection and much more. Please familiarise yourself with the hazards before handling it.


What is the pricing structure and unit cost of Dioctyl Adipate?

At East Harbour Group, we recognise every company is different and has unique needs. For that reason, we tailor supply and delivery solutions for your Dioctyl Adipate purchases, considering factors such as quantity and location. Please get in touch with our team to request a quote.

Can East Harbour Group ship Dioctyl Adipate around the world?

Absolutely! Whether in Europe, Asia or beyond, we have the logistical know-how to get your chemicals where you need them, on time and on budget. If you need Dioctyl Adipate shipped and are unsure of logistics options, please contact us today.

Where is Dioctyl Adipate placed on the Hazmat scale?

It is not considered a hazardous chemical, and therefore is not on the Hazmat scale. However, please check your local regulations to make sure it isn’t restricted or controlled in your geographic location.

While it is not considered to be a hazardous material, it can still be damaging when coming into contact with it. It can act as an irritant to the eyes and lungs, and is considered to carry a carcinogenic effect, though it is not yet classified for humans. It is toxic to blood, the reproductive system, liver, and upper respiratory tract. Prolonged exposure carries the risk of damaging organs, and should therefore be handled carefully.