Di-Normal Propyl Adipate (DPNA) is a clear, almost colourless liquid with the chemical formula C12H22O4. It is commonly used in propellants, emollients, and skin conditioning solvents. It has a CAS number of 106-19-4.

Photo of Di-Normal Propyl Adipate DNPA
CAS Number: 106-19-4
UN Number: None
Hazard Class: None
Packing Group: None

What is Di-Noraml Propyl Adipate (DPNA) – 106–19–4 used for?

Di-Normal Propyl Adipate is commonly used in the production of moisturisers, cleaning agents and shaving creams, partly in thanks to its rapid absorbency and low residual tack, making it a good non-oily emollient. It is also used to create hydro-alcoholic formulations such as lipsticks, hand lotions, grooming products and sun-care products where rapid absorbency and low residual tack is essential.

Lubricant & carrier properties of Di-Normal Propyl Adipate

Di-Normal Propyl Adipate acts as a lubricant on the skin’s surface to give a smooth and soft appearance. It also has strong solvent properties, making it a strong carrier in the cosmetics and household cleaner industry. It can also soften synthetic compounds to reduce any cracking or brittleness. These properties are why the chemical is so widely used in the cosmetics industry, and has the advantage of being biodegradable too.

Less common uses of Di-Normal Propyl Adipate

Di-Normal Propyl Adipate can function as a low-temperature resistant and low-viscosity plasticiser when added to PVC, its copolymers and cellulose esters. It is also used as an adjuvant and as a raw material for a number of agrochemical intermediates.

Physical properties of Di-Normal Propyl Adipate DNPA

Physical State: Liquid
Appearance: Colourless – Almost colourless
Odor: No data available
Odor Threshold: No data available
pH: No data available
Melting Point / Range: 155°C (311°F)/2.1kPa
Boiling Point / Range: No data available
Molecular Formula: No data available
Molecular Weight: 230.30
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Safety profile of Di-normal propyl Adipate (DPNA)

Di-Normal Propyl Adipate is not considered a hazardous material, and is largely safe. Care should be taken to avoid any contact with the eyes.


What is the pricing structure and unit cost of Di-Normal Propyl Adipate (DNPA) 106-19-4?

We acknowledge the uniqueness of each company, particularly in handling chemical supply. Hence, we prioritise tailoring an exclusive customer experience, offering customised shipping and delivery choices. Irrespective of your global location, the East Harbour Group team is ready to assist you in procuring Di-Normal Propyl Adipate (DNPA).

Can you ship Di-Normal Propyl Adipate (DNPA) 106-19-4? around the world?

Our worldwide shipping service covers all locations, from Europe to Asia. We take pride in delivering chemicals globally, ensuring affordability and punctuality. To order Di-Normal Propyl Adipate (DNPA), please contact our team.

Where is Di-Normal Propyl Adipate (DNPA) 106-19-4? on the HAZMAT scale?

Di-Normal Propyl Adipate (DNPA) is considered to be a relatively safe chemical and therefore does not feature on the HAZMAT scale. However, it’s essential to read the safety sheet for Di-Normal Propyl Adipate (DNPA) and anyone handling the chemical is urged to take care and take all the precautions necessary.